Now a days, the student's life is going to be very complex about balancing between

How to maintain a balance between social life and studies?

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Balance between social life and studies

Now a days, the student’s life is going to be very complex about balancing between social life and studies and it is creating a space between personal life and social life. Some students does not spend their any time with their family or friends due to over-studying and some does not study enough due to managing their time with family or friends. So, there is a imbalance between studies and social life.

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To achieve a balance between academics and social life, you should follow the steps by “Planning and managing the time” because management of time plays a most important role in our life as well as in achieving our goals.

To maintain a balance, you should focus or concentrate on your work according to its priority like most important task should be your first priority to complete it and less important task should be your last priority and you can arrange them in a work schedule. And, at the weekend you can spend your time with your family or friends and have fun with them.

If you believe you are overworked, the solution is to reassess the time you devote to fun. Have you allowed yourself quality fun time? Some “fun” activities take a lot of time, but  don’t produce a sense of enjoyment. Here are some tips for reassessing your use of time:

• List the non-productive things like eating, sleeping, chatting with friends, shopping, cleaning, and other non events that take time. Also include occasional events, such as parties or concerts. Get as many different items on your list as possible.

• Review your list and see if any of the similar tasks need to be grouped together according to their priority.

What did you learn from this exercise? Did any of the items with the low scores surprise you? Are there any items on your list to which you could devote less time? Are there enjoyable activities that you would like to do more often?

Below are additional tips for maintaining balance between social life and academics :

1. Set internal priority and schedule your time                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

It is important to structure your time and make sure you keep large deadlines in mind. For help on structuring your time, read the steps in “Planning and Managing my Time,”as well  as “Setting Priorities” and “Achieving My Goals.”

2. Work in the library or a quiet place. 

Dorm rooms can be full of distractions: your bed, TV, computer, and other people who may be relaxing or making noise. Unless you are able to block all of this out, the library or another quiet place will be a more productive place to study.

3. Take care of your body. 

To function at your best, your body needs a balanced diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. Be sure these needs are addressed in your schedule. You will have more energy for your academics if you are feeling well.

4.  Coordinate your free time with your friends. 

In a free time, spend a moment with your friends by doing some interesting task which make you feel happy or stress less. This doesn’t mean taking time away from your studying, but rather shuffling your study time so you can enjoy your social time.

5.  Choose the right living environment. 

Better living environment plays a very important role in our daily life. Some dorms have a much more serious atmosphere than others. This is also true of fraternities and sororities. When you choose a place to live, give consideration to your need for quiet and support for your academic goals.

6. Resist temptations. 

The real trick is to use the short gaps of unstructured time wisely. If you spend that time chatting or hanging out, all of your longer blocks of time will be needed to study. Fitting some of your homework into short blocks and forcing yourself to stay focused can free up larger portions of your weekends and evenings for fun.

7. Being a student is a full-time job.

Your academics require your attention every day. While you may spend a weekend day relaxing, make sure you devote the majority of every weekday to your studies. If you leave studying to the last minute, there will not be enough time to do a good job.

There is no perfect formula for balancing your social life and academics. Each person must find a balance that works for them. If you can develop the habits and self-discipline that you need to manage your time effectively, your anxiety will decrease and you may find that you can really enjoy your life.

That is the opinion according to me if anyone has problem then ask to an adviser or counselor.