Living a student’s in life in this era is not an easy task. A student’s life is nothing less than a full time employment

How to maintain a balance between social life and studies?

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How to maintain a balance between social life and studies?

Living a student’s in life in this era is not an easy task. A student’s life is nothing less than a full time employment. Going to attend classes, getting assignments to work upon, doing household chores (for some of them), doing self studies, studying hard to crack exams, managing social life and so on.

For some of us striking a balance between the two (Studies and social life) is a mammoth task. For those of us who wish the day was a few more hours longer so that nothing important was left undone by the day’s end, there are a few tips that might actually help:

  • The first and the foremost to do on the list is ‘Meditation.’ Now this is not to be thought of as a thing that only our parents or Grandparents can do but it is one thing that can be done by anybody who wants to add some value to their lives. Just close your eyes and focus your mind on a single thing i.e., your heart for example and try to free your mind from thoughts by not giving any power to them. If you  need help, read about this from   that tell you exactly what meditation is about and how to practice it.


  • Never postpone doing things for the end moment. This would only add on to your pre-existent stress in life. Develop a habit of finishing your assignments well before the deadline and studying even if you don’t have exams coming up this month so that when your friends ask you  to have a chill out, you are able to say a big YES and go out and have a fun time with no sign of regret on your face. But also know when you need to say a NO.
  • Similarly, when you are out with your friends at a party or there to attend a family occasion, let no thought of tomorrow’s viva interrupt you from enjoying yourself with utmost joy.
  • Always rank tasks in the order of priorities they have in your life. Your priorities should help you grow physically, mentally, academically and spiritually, if they don’t then you need to re-consider them.
  • Know exactly when you need help. While moving ahead you may lose your way at some point and no effort of yours can make you work, talk to a person who you know can guide you in the right direction. If you cannot talk about your problems to anybody, watch or listen to Sandeep Maheshwari’s online sessions.
    “It’s normal to feel confused at times or be in doubt but it is not ok to live in it”.
  • Also, remember one thing, “Motivation is temporary but discipline is forever”. Once you have known what is right for you, follow that with all your might even if you don’t feel like doing it. “Pain is temporary but without pain you cannot go ahead in life. Either you should experience this pain now and achieve your set goal or you will have to experience it for the rest of your life”.
  • Just understand, things are connected to one another. If one aspect of life falls in place, living the other aspect is so much fun and vice versa.


  • If you have social issues like family disputes, fights with friends or problems with others that need to be resolved then leave all studies for that time and resolve your issues first so that you can give an undivided attention to your studies once you have resolved your issues or if not you have at least made an effort to do so and have faith that nothing lasts for a lifetime and things get better with time.


So whatever you do, do with your heart. Neither get too serious in life nor take it as a feather light thing. Don’t miss out a single thing in life because of certain other things. Life is short and you can never have enough of it. But whatever you decide to do in this short span, either do it with your heart or just don’t do it. In whatever you do, always remember that there are people who love and care for you and they surely need to have a place there in your priority list. Getting a perfect balance between your studies and social life is a difficult task but making efforts in the right direction will surely get you ahead in life and make this world a better place to live in.

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