Studies Got You Stressed out? Here are some tips to help you cope!

Studies Got You Stressed out? Here are some tips to help you cope!


Studies Got You Stressed out? Here are some tips to help you cope!

In today’s highly competitive world, students face various academic problems- including exam stress, disinterestedness in attending classes and the inability to understand the subject.such stress can result in some kind of psychological or physical problems like depression, anxiety, nervousness and stress related problems- which in turn can affect their academic results.

Depression is becoming the most common mental health problem affecting students these days, Students say that their greatest academic stressors are :-
=> Tests
=> Grades
=> Homework
=> Academic and achievement expectations
=> Pressure from parents.

It is important to remember that coping capacities(facing your fear capacity) is different for different students. Also that there are many factors that affect the coping mechanism- which class the student is in, what kind of home environment he / she has, what is the mental strength of the student. Therefore, children with poor coping capabilities become more prone to anxiety, depression and fear of academic failure. This shows us that one should not compare one student with another.
There is an urgent need to develop suitable interventions to reduce this level of stress morbidity.

Some of the simple Tips that students can follow to study are:
# Making a time-table and following it.
# Sleeping for at least 7 hours and waking up fresh to study.
# Eating nutritious food and not skipping meals so that the body is supplied with enough          energy to focus on studying.
# Take a small study break also,because the concentration span of individuals is 25-35              minutes on an average.
# Be optimistic about your study plan some students prefer study well at night or someof          during the day,don’t be too harsh on yourself if you may not meet your goals.
# Study and help your Pals,sometimes helping others with studies can help you also revise        better.
# Little stress is good,it motivates you to study and do well.

Don’t worry! Always remember – “Failures are the part of life. If you don’t fail, you will not learn. If you don’t learn, you won’t change”.

Thank You