Preparation tips for dropper and repeater students to crack the exam

Preparation tips for dropper and repeater students to crack the exam

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Preparation tips for dropper and repeater students to crack the exam

Students appearing for any exams include candidates who could not crack IIT JEE 2017 and are appearing for the engineering entrance exam for the second time and also for the students who have dropped a year for IIT JEE preparation. These students need to follow some different strategy that is different from the ones the students follow who are giving the exams for the first time.

There are some tips to follow in order to crack the exams.

  1. One should not be over confident about the topics they know

Students who are preparing for IIT JEE or any other entrance exam, should not leave and give less time to the topics/subject they might think that they can do well. This is one of the mistakes that are often committed by students because this affects their scores in exam just because they gave less time for the preparation of such topics. So, even if one is/are confident about some topics, they should not forget to prepare them. One should give such topics equal importance and practice to crack the exams.

  1. One should focus on improving, while not forgetting to enhance their strengths

Students should practice mock test so as to improve their subject knowledge through many varieties of questions from the same concepts. This would not only help them understand every aspect of the concept but they can achieve more marks. However, if some students, who are appearing for these entrance exams, feel that their strength lies in their accuracy then they need to improve on their speed, then they should prepare with both aspects in mind because both the speed and the accuracy shall help them crack the exam. What it means is that they should not overlook their strengths even though they are focusing on improving the weaknesses.

  1. One should not over think about the last attempt/failure

Stress from last attempt/failure shall definitely hamper students’ chances of being successful in the next attempt. It is always better for students to stay focused on preparing rather than thinking of the past. Those things can not be changed, if one doesn’t aspire to crack the exam in their next attempt i.e. only we can change the failure in to success that to with determination and, no negative or stressful thoughts that can distract one from their success in these exams.