Which Study Tips is Best Early Morning or Late Night

Which Study Tips is Best Early Morning or Late Night

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Which study tips is best early morning or late night?

Why do you go to school everyday? Why do you not go just once a week or once a month?
This is so because no one can learn things overnight. You might be able to memorize bits of information in a day, but to truly understand and learn something takes time. But what one learns fast one also forgets fast. For good quality learning to take place, that you will remember for long periods, there has to be regular training and reinforcement.
If you study regularly, then you are familiar with all that is taught in school, college etc. You would be dealing with only a small amount of material every day. You will have read through the textbooks and your notes, and clarified concepts in your mind. If there was anything you did not understand, you would have time to ask a teacher or a parent and figure out your areas of doubt. Before a test or an exam, you would need to glance through your books to refresh your memory, but the essential knowledge or comprehension would already be there.

If you study only before a test or an exam, then you are not familiar with what has been taught in class. The amount you have read through is much greater, and you have to try to understand what is written. There is no time to clear any doubts or queries. As a result your understanding and learning would not be as thorough as someone who has been working regularly.

The question is how to choose the right time ? And this article will give you the answer (may not give you but probably motivate you to do so). It’s not a thing to tell or to wrote about it is just a matter of your concentration and your mood here are some tips to help you out:-

Choosing when to study is really a difficult task if you make it difficult. Choosing when this time is going to be is a very important component of your study programme.

Just as you are unique, the time that you study best is also unique to you. Some people like waking up early to study. They find that they concentrate best when they have just woken up. Others may have trouble waking up early, but find they have lots of energy late at night when everyone else is asleep. Some might like to study in the afternoon, which for other is the time that they are sleepiest!

1. In order to use your time effectively, you have to take into account when you are most active and energetic, and will be able to concentrate best. There is no point in setting aside two hours to study every night if you find you are fighting sleep all the time.

2. Another important factor to keep in mind is list all the things that you do. Your list might read something like this:
Water plants
Finish homework
Study for exams
But the problem is that you do not have time to do all these things. You have to pick and choose what you can do in the time available. This is when you have to prioritize.
Rank the things according to importance.

3. Be flexible: When you plan a time table according to the time that you are comfortable with, you might be willing to change it and add more study time if you find that the time you have allotted is not enough. You can change it to a more appropriate time.

4. Its not important you study the whole day. Some students just get hyper because they didn’t study regularly and they want to complete the whole thing in a day. If it’s so then you should also remember that it is not necessary to study whole day but in bits whenever it’s your mood in the morning, in the evening or at the night time. Now mood doesn’t mean that you do not study at all and just relax in your cozy bed .

5. Pick a time when you are not tired and are able to concentrate. Though one can finish a homework assignment when tired, it is useless to try to learn something new when tired.

6. Do not pick a time immediately before or after a meal. Neither an empty stomach nor a full one are conducive to concentration. You must make sure you are otherwise physically comfortable too.

7. Be realistic: Do not put aside an hour for a work if you know that you have to spend an hour and a half doing it every day. Do not put aside two hours to study if you know that your concentration span is an hour at most.

Remember there is no shortcut to success. Whether you work early morning or late afternoon you have to put an ultimate effort to complete the task sometimes you have to cooperate with your self to do a work or study on the given paramount time.

Early morning is good when your mind is fresh your cells have build a powerhouse of energy during last night and sometimes at the night some seeks silence to study , some may find sleepy at night ( not because it’s night but because they feel sleepy by seeing others sleep). So it’s all upon you to make your own time but such that it’s worth achieving your aim.

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