Interesting things to do During Summer Vacations.

Interesting things to do During Summer Vacations.

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Interesting things to do During Summer Vacations.                           

                        Summer Vacations:

I still Remember the Nostalgic Memory when I use to wait for summer vacations and make plans beforehand only. But ultimately ends up doing nothing. Summer Vacations have always been a most waited time for every Teenager. It is that time of a year when you are allowed to do whatever you like. well, i can see the Excitement on your Face. Finally, Exams, Tensions, Busy schedules are over. I can see you becoming Mouse/couch potato. But what else you can do? well, this is summer vacation so you are allowed to be Dormant, indolent. Okay! Fine, i won’t stop you now. But I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this article Then, you’re definitely tired or bored of staying for the whole day on the bed. (Am i, Right?) so, you must be looking for some activities to make your vacations more Exciting and interesting.


1. It’s Time to Hit the Gym/Yoga Classes:

wait. You must be wondering If i have gone nuts? Am I suggesting you to join a gym? well, yes.(Indeed). Read Ahead to find out the reason. (Woohoo Hold your Horses)-

Before reading ahead i would want to ask you a question that- How much time you have devoted to your health while your Exams were going on? I know niggas, you all were busy so this is normal and obvious that during exam days you couldn’t pay attention towards your health. Now, Being healthy should be your Paramount motive. So, apply for a membership in your Local gym. 


2. Join a class:

we all have some interest, hobby, and passion. so, it’s the perfect time for you now to pay attention towards your interest. well, you must have noticed that when you do things which you love you enjoy that time. so, joining the class of your interest will give you Dual benefits:

  • You will Enjoy because you will follow your passion.
  • You will devote time to your Self Growth and Improvement.


3. Learn new skills:

     skeptical? Don’t get Perplexed and don’t mix 2nd and 3rd points. In 2nd point, i have suggested you to choose your interest/passion. And at this point, I’m suggesting you to Get out of your comfort zone and try something new, which you have never thought of kinds of stuff like:

  1. You can join Cooking classes.
  2. It’s summer so why not learn Swimming.
  3. Let’s learn more about Arts and craft.

4. Read More and More:

I can see your Furious Face. It’s summer vacation after a long time and I’m telling you to read? yes, I’m. Here you can Read whatever you like from a Newspaper to a Non-fictions. It completely depends on you fellas. If you will read about successful people like:

  1. Bill Gates.
  2. Warren Buffet.
  3. Jeff Bezos.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg.

You will know the reason why i have played Emphasis on Reading Books.


5. Join a Crash Course:

You can join crash courses. As now you will be going to study for higher classes so, why now start to prepare now. Joining a Crash Course will make you sound smarter in front of others and then, you can flaunt it too. (Lol).


6. Other Options:

  1. You can join an internship and can take a practical knowledge about something new.
  2. You can also utilize your Time by Hanging out with Friends.
  3. You can Write a Blog. 


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