Top 10 Schools in East Delhi

Top 10 Schools in East Delhi About Full Information & Remarks

Top Schools

Top 10 Schools in East Delhi About Full Information & Remarks

Top schools survey basically provides us info about academic  Regour to various Sports Alumina and providing all the details about its quality and quantity of education here is a list of top ranked schools in East Delhi with various important required information so go through the below articles for more info


1 Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar Rs. 56,520 per annum 011-47770777 It has the highest score in ‘value for money’, ‘competence of teachers’ & ‘extra curricular activities’.
2 Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar Rs. 31,460 per annum 011-22614169 It has topped in ‘sports’, ‘innovative teaching’ and ‘individual attention to students’ categories.
3 Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar Rs. 48,360 per annum 011-22750565 The school has the highest score on the ‘social accountability’ parameter.
4 Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, dayanand vihar Rs. 51,580 per annum 011-22372300 The school has the second- highest ‘teacher care and development’ & ‘life skills education’ scores.
5 DAV Public School, sreshtha vihar Rs. 36,120 per annum 011-22144102 The school has the second highest score in ‘academic rigour’ and does well on ‘value for money’.
6 Ryan International, Mayur Vihar Rs. 39,060 per annum 011-22612036 The school has done well in ‘infrastructure and facilities’ and has the second-highest ‘sports’ score.
7 Somerville School, vasundhara enclave Rs. 52,100 per annum 011-22618178 The school has done well in ‘safety and hygiene’, ‘life skills education’ & ‘value system’ parameters.
8 ASN Senior Secondary School Rs. 43,530 per annum 011-22713040 The school has done well on the ‘infrastucture and facilities’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters.
9 Amity International, Mayur Vihar* Not Available 011-22717261 Tied at eight place, the school has done well in the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘innovative teaching’ categories.
10 Mother Teresa Public School Rs. 35,000 per annum 011-22527200 The school scores well in the ‘individual attention to students’ & ‘safety and hygiene’categories.


All the above data is based on Research and Analysis team please confirm it by proceeding on the official website of respective School all the websites of schools are given in the above table